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Missouri Laws

  OK… So I didn’t grow up in Georgia, and I did grow up in Iowa, so in the interest of full disclosure, I was born in Missouri. So, here are some strange laws from my birth state. State wide: … Continue reading

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Iowa Laws

  OK… So someone told me I “Ain’t Right” for writing about Georgia’s strange laws since I didn’t grow up here (Yes, I live here now, but I grew up In Iowa) So, to be fair, I looked up strange … Continue reading

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Georgia Laws

In Athens, Georgia, Home of the Bulldogs, Alabama slingshots may not be used in the city limits. ( Sec. 3-5-16. Slingshots. No person shall use for amusement or otherwise any Alabama slingshot or any slingshot or similar thing in the … Continue reading

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Trivia Nuts!

Did you know that one in every 2000 babies is born with a tooth? Or that the average U.S. citizen eats more than 50 tons of food and drinks more that 13,000 gallons of liquid in a lifetime? Did you … Continue reading

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Baptism… The word means different things to different people. I have seen violent arguments and groups torn apart because of conflicting beliefs. If you are screaming at one another and condemning each other over the Word of God, then both … Continue reading

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Multiple Sclerosis-What Is It??

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (CNS) where the body’s own immune cells attack the nervous system. In Multiple Sclerosis, inflammation of nervous tissue causes the loss of myelin, a fatty material that acts … Continue reading

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The Gay Agenda

The Gay Agenda   I was shocked and saddened when I saw this video clip. The children are confused and some are wondering about the teachings they have received in their homes and churches. It is quite obvious that the … Continue reading

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If I Wrote The Budget

  I would cut funding for the arts completely and immediately. There is now a bill being pushed to cut funding for the Arts by $20 Million. Liberals are weeping and gnashing their teeth over this vital part of the … Continue reading

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Jamaica Vacation Homes

  Jamaica is one of the major tourist destinations and gorgeous islands of West Indies. The charming beauty of the island invites many tourists from all over the world. The island is filled with melody, appetizing food, rum and scenic … Continue reading

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Being The Only Child

  So… what’s up with being an only child? People say a lot of things about only children; they are spoiled, they are lonely, they tend to be bossy and they think the world revolves around them. In China, where … Continue reading

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