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Puerto Rican Cuisine

  Puerto Rico is an island nation that is officially a territory of the United States. Puerto Rican cuisine has evolved from several strong influences, including those of the original peoples, such as the Tainos, and the Spanish conquerors that … Continue reading

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Multiple Sclerosis-What Is It??

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (CNS) where the body’s own immune cells attack the nervous system. In Multiple Sclerosis, inflammation of nervous tissue causes the loss of myelin, a fatty material that acts … Continue reading

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Cure For The Modern Plague

Throughout the years, people have been searching for a cure for the great plague of the past couple of centuries, cancer. Some types of cancer respond well to Chemotherapy or, more radically, invasive surgeries like mastectomy, bone grafts or the … Continue reading

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Dieting For Health

There is no greater reason to diet than for your personal health and well being. Those of us who are overweight know better than most the risks and possible consequences that may result because of our weight. Much like smokers … Continue reading

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5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables

5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables

Having your own vegetable patch or fruit garden was once commonplace, but fell out of favor as the food industry become more commercial and supermarkets began to take over. In recent years however, more and more people have started explore growing their own produce again. Here we give 5 reasons why you might consider starting your own kitchen garden.

– Freshness

Fruit and vegetables taste better and are healthier if eaten as soon as possible after picking. Most fruit you buy from supermarkets and the like is picked well before it is properly ripe, to extend shelf life, and this usually has an impact on flavor. Growing your own lets you taste the freshest possible produce as it’s meant to taste.

– Quality

Commercially grown crops are often selected for their high yields, uniform appearance and long shelf lives rather than for quality and taste. When you grow your own, you can concentrate on the quality rather than the economics.

– Price

Much supermarket fresh produce is hugely overpriced, despite their advertising claims. Growing your own from seed is about as inexpensive as you can get, and even growing from small plants you buy is likely to provide you better food at a lower cost. With many plants, you can use the seed from one growing season to provide plants for the next – a self sustaining cycle that will cost you only time and effort to keep going.

– Provenance

More and more people have concerns about how our food is produced, with chemical pesticides and GM food a particular worry. With your own vegetable patch, you know exactly where your food is from and how it was grown.

– Variety

There are literally thousands of different varieties of fruit and vegetables, but supermarkets tend to concentrate on only the most profitable and easy to sell. This means that our choice is often limited to a few select varieties of apple, for example, rather than the hundreds of traditional kinds that exist. Growing your own lets you pick the varieties you like the most, and experiment to find new ones you’ll rarely see on sale.

There is of course a downside to all this – it takes time and effort. In these increasingly busy times, we might not think we have the time to spare, but starting small with a few herb plants on your windowsill, or even the odd tomato plant, will give you a taste of growing your own and might even be enough to hook you into it for life!
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Everybody Loves A Quitter!

I smoked for 25 years and tried to quit several times.

I’ve got a new bride, I’ll quit for my wife’s sake. (That didn’t work)

I’m about to become a father, I’ll quit for my child’s sake. (That didn’t work either)

I finally realized that you can’t quit for anyone else. You have to be selfish about it and quit for yourself. My situation was that I was a singer in my youth. I was in a couple of bands and liked acting in Broadway musicals. I even had my shot in the Stuttgart Opera in Germany… I loved singing.

Several thousand packs and cartons of cigarettes later my voice was no longer what it was and I realized that I wanted to sing again… I wanted my voice back… so I determined that I would quit for ME!

A few times in the past I had tried the nicotine gums but they didn’t help. I hated the taste and I would smoke while chewing. I never really followed the directions or the program. This time I decided to try a patch and to follow all directions.

I read the program, set a quit date and determined to sing again.

On by first day as a non-smoker, I got up and headed for my coffee maker. With my first sip, I knew I couldn’t do it with coffee in my hand. That was one of my smoking triggers.

Have a cup of coffee, have a smoke.

Eat a meal, then have a smoke.

Have a beer, light up a smoke.

When I pass a certain billboard, I light up because I had just enough time for a smoke before entering work.

I had to make changes to eliminate my “Smoking Triggers”

So I poured out my coffee and poured a glass of apple juice.

I took a different route to work so I didn’t see that billboard.

I avoided my smoking friends during break time.

I cut out drinking beer.

With the support of my wife who realized my struggle and didn’t carp at me, I was finally able to quit. You get over the physical addiction to nicotine after about 4 days, but the hardest struggle is with the ritual of smoking.


My first day as a non-smoker was September 9th, 1995. Today I drink coffee, I drive in a smoke-free car, I live in a smoke-free home, I like to have a drink in the evenings, but I do not smoke. Every once in a while I get the urge to have a cigarette, a cigar, or to fill my meerschaum pipe, but then I remind myself of the struggle and anguish I went through before and I don’t want to go through that again.
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The Argument Against Nationalized Healthcare

The idea of a nationalized healthcare system has been around for a long time, and like most other social ideas, it sounds good when you first hear it. Healthcare for everyone in the United States would be a dream come true for lots of families but the problems with universal healthcare far outweigh the benefits. Many countries have tried this and failed because of some basic ideas that aren’t even being considered. Continue reading

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Combating The Stigma Of Mental Illness

Mental Illness…
That sounds bad, doesn’t it? it sounds like someone is crazy or
retarded, maybe just plain weak-minded. You are depressed?
Snap out of it! Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Hey! It’s over. It’s
in the past! Get over it! Bi-Polar? That’s just an excuse for bad
behavior. Scizophrenic? Get a hold of yourself, there’s nothing
wrong with you!
The mark of shame has been on mental illness for far too long.
This is due to misconceptions about the types of mental illness.
Knowledge is the key to erasing this stigma. Psychiatrists have
started a campaign to combat these prejudices.
There are six common mental illness, which are panic attacks,
dementia, eating disorders, depression, schizophrenia and
addiction to drugs or alcohol. People with any of these disorders
need understanding and compassion, not hostility and
disapproval. When patients receive negative reactions, it drives
them further into their problem.
Not all drug addicts, schizophrenics and alcoholics are violent,
even though that misconception is held by a large majority of
people. With the lack of education for the general public, many
think that a severely depressed person will be able to pull
themselves out of this problem on their own. On the other hand,
the majority of the public think that those suffering from
dementia, depression, schizophrenia, panic attacks and addictions
cannot be helped with treatment.
World Mental Health Day is on October 10th and the focus will be
on mental illnesses and human rights. The campaign to erase the
stigma from mental illness focuses on providing information on
types of treatments offered through self-help groups and
psychotherapy. They are attempting to lift the public’s awareness
of the types of mental illness that are the most common. It is the
desire of the psychiatrists to not only reduce the stigma, but to
allow those affected to have dignity and the same rights others

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A Tax Rant

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A Tax Rant
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The original tax laws introduced in 1913 were a very simple affair. They began with tax brackets ranging from 1 to 7 percent – a far cry from today’s levels. The IRS tax codes, regulations and guidelines now have well over 9 million words. No wonder there’s so much confusion and no one actually understands the behemoth our tax code has become. Let’s put this into some form of prospective. The Declaration of Independence has a little more than 1300 words. The Constitution which has served us well for more than 200 years comes in around 5000 words and the Holy Bible makes do with less than 800,000 words. The amazing thing to me is that there are Congressmen, Senators and a President who are daily trying to think up more to add to this monster.

Sometimes, even the IRS has a sense of humor… NOT.

There are thousands of tax lawyers across the country pouring over the tax changes and additions each year in order to help their clients. Meanwhile there are thousands of IRS tax lawyers pouring over those same tax changes and additions to be prepared for your audit. If the audit is big, I strongly advise you to retain a tax lawyer for your trip to the auditor’s office.

It seems like this sometimes

The annual tax accounting due on April 15 isn’t the only taxes we encounter in life. From the moment we wake up in the morning we are being hit by taxes. Just think about it…Wake up and turn on the light, electricity taxes, Take a shower, utility taxes. Eat your breakfast, embedded food taxes and then the big one, Gasoline taxes for your commute to work. Make a phone call, telephone taxes. Eat lunch at a cafe, more embedded food taxes and sales tax. There are also taxes on that morning newspaper, the cigarettes at your smoke break, the coffee or soda while you work, Every tool or computer or ink pen you use and taxes on the power to heat or cool your workplace.

Taxes are all around you.

Many people now long for a simple Flat Rate Tax, something we can all understand. There are many countries all over the world who have used this simple to understand and cost effective way of collecting taxes to revitalize their economies. Let’s just imagine for a moment what it would be like if we could complete our tax returns on one simple piece of paper. A Flat Rate Tax for individuals and a Flat Rate Tax for businesses. The same rules apply to all regardless of size of income. We all pay the same rate. Most of the successful countries have levied Flat Rate Taxes of less than 17%, with a starting level that protects the lower income groups.

A survey showed that many Americans would
rather face death than face an audit by the IRS

More and more people are now looking at HR-25, The FairTax. To state it simply, you would never have to file a tax return again. You would get your entire paycheck, without any deductions for Federal Income Tax, FICA, Medicare, Medicaid or whatever. New products in the stores would remain about the same price. A $100.00 blender would still cost you $100.00 but with no sales tax. The receipt would show;

Blender: $77.00,
FairTax: $23.00,
Total: $100.00

Then, to make it even better, everyone gets a Prebate based on the size of your family. Say a family of four would get a deposit of a little over $400.00 at the beginning of each month. This enough to cover the taxes on the basic needs of a household of four for one month. The government would actually make even more money because we are being taxed on what we spend instead of what we earn. The underground economy of thieves, drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes and such would suddenly be taxed. These people don’t pay tax on their income now, but they do buy things with the money they make and that would then be taxed.

Used items, even cars and houses, would not be taxed.

OK, so maybe you can see which system I prefer, The Fairax. But whatever way it goes in the future, remember that people often say death and taxes are the same, but this is wrong. Death is a taxable event, but taxes never die.

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