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So… I haven’t blogged for a while, and in fact, actually forgot my password to get back into my Dashboard. Well, I finally got it back and regret the wait.

So, the first thing I notice is that I have well over 3,000 comments to respond to.  I have no gone through almost 2000 of them and it is mostly spam. (So far, only 10 actual comments on my writings) I still have over 1500 to go through but I, afraid they will mostly end up in the trash pile. 

People are using the comments section to advertise just about everything. Cheap car insurance, cheap travel, cheap prescription/non-prescription drugs, cheap porn, Russion brides, Asian brides, as well as fake ID cards, passports and drivers licenses (from about 200 countries)

I have comments in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Vietnamese and gibberish. I can’t read any of them, but I recognize the writing. 

Some people want to help me increase my traffic, ghost write blogs for me, make me rich on the Internet, visit their blogs and, most irritating, they post their blogs in my comments section, hoping maybe I will approve of their comments and basically advertise their writings. Those go straight into the trash pile right along with the adds for gay porn and offers for sex with local MILFs. 

If you want to post a blog, GET YOUR OWN BLOG SITE!!!  Go to godaddy.com, like I did, PAY for a domain name, like I did, PAY for hosting, like I did and write in your own blog like I do. Don’t expect me to advertise for you unless you are willing to pay me.

I can’t wait to see what’s in the rest of my comment pile…

That is all…

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