Race Pimps

Race Pimps… They are everywhere today. Like a pimp who has women on the
street, a race pimp sells race and racism at every turn and makes a good
living at it. Race pimps used to just be a handful of people
on the left, I won’t name names right now, but you know who they are. They give themselves titles like “Reverend”, fly in private jets, ride in limousines and never work an honest days work in their lives, but times have changed and others are getting into the act for their cut of the money.

The media is now full force into the game and the average American is
getting sick of it. Example, CNN… EVERY news caster on the former Cable
News Network has turned away from actually telling Americans the News
and now spends most of their air time selling racism. It seems to now be a
requirement to accuse the President or any other Republican of being a
Racist. No proof or evidence is ever needed, just the accusation is enough.
They think that a constant attack against the President will help their careers
but their ratings slip lower and lower every day.

Current cycle? The President jumped into the middle of a feud among House
Democrats, saying about progressives “now loudly and viciously telling the
people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on
Earth, how our government should be run. Why don’t they go back and help
fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” He
never mentioned anyone by name, he never mentioned anyone’s gender and
he didn’t mention anyone’s skin color, but four freshman Congresswomen
(of color) jumped up and and said “He’s talking about us, and that makes
him a racist” The lame stream media immediately jumped in and called for
impeachment, assassination, the rape of his wife and his son and many other
unsavory acts. Not a one of them mentioned anything about the totally
broken and crime infested places he mentioned.

Next he mentioned Baltimore, Maryland being a “disgusting rat and rodent
infested mess”. Rep. Elijah Cummings has represented that district for over
30 years and it IS rat infested and disgustingly filthy, so that means the
President is a racist because Elijah Cummings is black. However, several
years ago, Cummings himself called his district “drug Infested” likening the
residents to “Zombies”. (This was long before Donald Trump became
President) Doesn’t that make Cummings a racist as well since the
representative of that district is a black man? The media, again, is on the air
screaming “RACISM” (“Racist” and “Racism” always have to be screamed.
It’s in the rules.)

It’s not all about race or racism, but reality. Although he hasn’t mentioned it
yet (and I think he should) Nancy Pelosi also represents a district that is
filthy, drug infested, full of human feces and homeless junkies. It’s not about
race, but democrat leadership. Throughout the country the highest crime
rates, filth rates, homeless rates are all found in traditionally democrat
controlled districts and cities. If people in these cities and districts want to
see improvements, they need to stop voting for democrats.

So, I ask; What has the President actually said that is actually racist. We
now that the media twists everything he says into something racist, but the
racism always comes out of THEIR mouths, not his. He never said to Women
of Color “go back where you came from” as if they came from another
country and he wants to kick them out. He told them to go help fix the
broken and crime infested places from which they came. Big difference. You
need to get actual quotes from the President, not just believe every word out
of the CNN anchor’s mouth. I, personally, follow President Trump on
Twitter, I don’t just automatically believe what the news guy says that he tweeted. I actually read his tweets and have never seen a racist tweet.
The “News” people don’t say what the President actually said, but
their interpretation of what he said. Again, big difference.

“The President said that all Mexican immigrants are murderers and rapists!
He called them animals!” No. He didn’t say that. He did, however, use those
words to describe MS 13 gang members. “The president is ripping babies out of the arms of their mothers and separating families! Putting children in
cages!” No. The separation of families was Bill Clinton’s policy and it was
Barack Obama who had the cages built. President Trump ended the policy of
separating families. “President Trump said that White Nationalist Klan
members are decent people!” No,he said that there were decent people on both sides (of the monument dispute) and he made it very clear, in the very
next sentence, that he was not talking about the white nationalists. (The
media likes to leave off the second sentence.)

The unfortunate thing is that too many people get their news from the
dedicated Trump haters at CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, etc. These organizations
stopped being “News Media” long ago and are now nothing more than the
propaganda wing of the Socialist Democrat party. Very little actual
news is reported unless they can twist it into something negative about the
President. With Fox news you can get some actual news, or more than one
side of a story, but even they have hired socialists for their commentaries.
Maybe, someday, we can get back to actual news, but until that day, we have
to pick and choose carefully who we listen to…

My recommendation, if you want straight news reporting, watch Newsmax…

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