The Slavery Of Equity


The government has no money. It has to take money from the producers in society to pay for all the social programs which past generations never needed. These social programs are used to buy votes from the parasites in society. As long as the parasites are kept dependent on the government, they will continue to vote for whoever will promise take from the producers and give to them. It boils down to a form of modern day slavery. Keep them dependent on you and they will do their best to protect you and keep you in power.

“Wait a minute! You can’t talk about slavery! You’re white, you don’t know nuthin’ about slavery! Well, apparently, neither do you. Neither does the man currently in the Oval Office. His family tree is in Kenya. His forefathers were never slaves in this country. Having dark skin color doesn’t mean your ancestors were slaves, it just means you have a dark skin color. My ancestors were Irish, and the Irish were used as slaves in America long before African tribes started selling their enemies into bondage.

A Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, fought a war to free people from slavery in America, now every Democrat president for the past 50 years has fought to put people back into slavery by keeping them in the bonds of welfare and food stamps. The only difference now is that it is more “Equal opportunity”. They want people of every race and every ethnic background to be kept subservient to keep their power.

They tell those in social programs that they are poor and downtrodden because of evil corporations. They are told that they have all sorts of imaginary rights. Rights which are found nowhere in our constitution and certainly nowhere in nature. They care for you and will save you from the terrible rich people. Yes, they will take more and more from the ones that produce and give to those who don’t. After all, it’s unfair that they have so much and you have so little. You know they only get rich by the sweat and broken backs of the little people. We have to re-distribute the wealth like Karl Marx wrote. The thing they ignore is that wealth isn’t distributed, it’s earned.

So… let’s have the government confiscate all wealth in the country. Every bank account every retirement account, every stock portfolio, every mattress and every piggy bank. The we divide the money equally by the number of people on the planet. (Wait. The whole planet? Won’t that be less for us?) Yes, the whole planet. After all, it’s only fair since we have so much and other countries have so little. Besides, since we don’t discriminate against people based on citizenship for other social programs and social security, and free medical treatment it wouldn’t be fair to start now. Even if we did try to discriminate, they would only come across our unguarded borders and say “Hey! Where’s my fair share?” Don’t worry, we’re still a very rich country and you’ll get a good-size piece of the pie. Hey! It’s a great thing. We’re all, at last, totally equal!

(This is called “Equity”, which means everyone has the same outcome regardless of effort. Some people bust their ass to get what they want while others lay back and do nothing because they know they will get the same as everyone else. What we have in this country is called “Equal Opportunity”. That means that everyone has the same chance to bust their ass and get what they want.)

So, now everybody in America has the same amount of money (the rest of the planet now has more since they weren’t stupid enough to give up their wealth). So now what happens? We’re all rich now, right? Everyone quickly goes right back to where they were in the first place. The producers of the past will still have the drive to get ahead because they want to be more than just average. The parasites will still be sitting on their lazy behinds waiting for the next hand-out and not bothering to try to be any better than they were. Politicians and other criminals will still have the inclination to steal from everyone else. What else happens? the price of everything goes up! Why? There are fewer people working and everyone is rich. (Hey, I’m rich now. I don’t need to work.) So how are you going to buy anything if everyone has the same attitude and doesn’t go to work? There’s only a handful of people building (out of boredom) those 85 Inch plasma TVs that you want and only a few clerks ready to sell one to you. Then who is going to deliver it and install the cable and, Oh, MY GOD! some people will still have to work! If no one has to work, who is going to pamper you and keep you in bliss? Who is going to grow the potatoes for your chips? The Government? The socialist utopia fails again because everyone can’t live a life of leisure with the government taking care of you. The government elites have all the money and power, and we, the modern slaves, are drowning in our own feces, begging and waiting for the next hand-out.

The more you punish the producers in society and reward the parasites, the less people you have that want to produce and the number of parasites increases. The government will eventually have to make some people go back to work. SOMEBODY has to produce and has already convinced the masses of parasites that they are ENTITLED to everything. OK. So you’re entitled to health care, so we have to put the medical people back to work. You are entitled to food programs and WIC and such, so we have to put the farmers and food manufacturers back to work. You are entitled to safety and protection, so we will have to put firefighters and police back to work. (You know, the police that protect you from criminals, not the police who bust you when you are a criminal.)

Nowhere in modern or past history can you find an example of government being even close to “efficient” or doing as well as the free market sector of America. Except for war, the Government can’t do anything efficiently. (America does do war pretty well when politicians let them) Every program that our government has taken over dies a slow death. They have ruined retirement with social security, and forced more people into poverty through welfare, food stamps and WIC. This is the same group of people that pay $5,000 for a toilet seat and $500.00 for a hammer and they expect us to trust them with our health? Medicare and Medicaid are broke and those are run by the government. Can anyone point out the excellence in those programs?

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