About Me and the Blog

To those of you who frequented my old blog, here is the deal… My web host went out of business without even letting me know and my blog disappeared. I am not even able to retrieve the blogs I posted in the past. Luckily, I kept copies of many and will re-post. I will have to wait until April or May to buy back my old domain name, so just remember… RainboEnterprises blog no longer exists, it has been replaced by The Wisdom Of Me so bookmark the new address. Also, I have to re-build the looks of the web site because it just doesn’t look as good as it did. Give me time, I’ll figure it out. Meanwhile, keep coming back every few days and I’ll try to have something new for you. I also take requests, so if you have something you want to know about, just leave me a comment at the end of any blog and I will get to it as quickly as possible. Thanks, God bless, and keep coming back

Jon M. “Bo” Sickels

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